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vinurnum burkwoodii conoy plant
Viburnum burkwoodii 'Conoy'
Conoy Viburnum  -  Cultivar
Viburnum burkwoodii 'Conoy'
Dark red buds open to white blooms.  Dark green glossy foliage resembles a boxwood and turns a deep maroon in winter.  Red berries mature to blue-black.   Compact low spreading dwarf.   Hardy to -10F (-23.3C);  height: 5ft.
#AP4492B    1yr seedlings, bundle of 10    $80.00
vinurnum cassionoides withe rod seed
Viburnum cassinoides
Withe Rod
Viburnum cassionoides
Tough hardy type woth white bloom clusters followed by red berries.  Good type for wildlikfe platnings and borders.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C);  height: 6ft.
#A4491A   Bulk seed, 1oz   (avg. 13,000 seeds)    $16.00
viburnum carlesii carlcephalum plant
Viburnum carlesii 'Carlcephalum'
Frangrant Snowball Viburnum (Carlesi Viburnum)
Viburnum carlesii 'Carlcephalum'
Waxy pink buds and fragrant white bloom clusters.  Red berries mature to black.  Green foliage turns red-purple in fall.  Rounded habit.  Hardy -10F (-23.3C); height: 6ft.
#AP4493B     1yr seedlings, bundle of 10    $80.00
viburnum dentatum arrowwood seed
Viburnum dentatum
Southern Arrowwood
Viburnum dentatum
Multi-stemmed dense arching shrub with 2-4 inch clusters of creamy white  blooms in the summer (not fragrant) followed by dark blue berries in the fall.  Foliage is dark green, oval with slightly serrated edges turning maroon red in the fall.  Hardy to -40F (-40C);  height: 10ft.
#A2398A    Bulk seed, 1oz (avg. 13,000 seeds)      $15.00
viburnum dentatum chicago lustre plant
Viburnum dentatum 'Chicago Lustre'
Chicago Lustre 
Viburnum dentatum 'Synnestvedt'
This variety is most prized for its thick dark green foliage that turns a beautiful purple-red in the fall, accompanied by metalic-blue berries.  It has an upright mounding growth habit.  Excellent border, hedge or specimen plant.  Hardy to -50F (-45C); height: 6ft.
#AP2776B        12in. seedlings, bundle of 10      $80.00
Viburnum dentatum 'Chicago Lustre'
Chicago Lustre
#AP2776C     12in  seedlings, bundle of 50     $120.00
viburnum dilatatum linden tree seed
Viburnum dilatatum
Linden Viburnum
Viburnum dilatatum
Pretty specimen with long, draping branches.  Bears clusters of white blooms in late spring and summer followed by red
drooping berries which remain on the shrub long into the winter.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C);  height: 10ft.
#A2399A       Bulk seeds, 1oz  (avg. 6500 seeds)     $15.00
viburnum ichangense ichang seed
Viburnum ichangense
Ichang Viburnum
Viburnum ichangense
Bright green foliage and small white flower clusters.  HArdy to -30F (-34.4C);  height: 6ft.
#A4494A    Bulk seed, 1oz  (avg. 6500 seeds)  $15.00
viburnum lantana wayfaring tree seed #A2401A
Viburnum lantana
Wayfaring Tree (Twistwood)
Viburnum lantana
Good choice in dry areas for wildlife food or naturalizing, this variety has rather nondescript blooms in the spring, but colorful fruit in the fall. Hardy to -40F (-40C);  height: 15ft.
#A2401A      Bulk seed, 1oz   (6500 seeds)      $15.00
viburnum lantana mohican plant shrub
Viburnum lantana 'Mohican'
Viburnum lantana 'Mohican'
Spreading green foliage and creamy white blooms appear in spring, followed by scarlet berries in the late summer that turn black as fall approaches.  Fall foliage is red-purple.  Very showy shrub.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C);  height: 6ft.
#AP3585B      12in. seedlings, bundle of 10      $80.00
viburnum lentago seed shrub
Viburnum lentago
Viburnum lentago
Large shrub or small tree with creamy white bloom clusters on the tips of the branches.  Very tolerant of drought and shade.  Good border shrub.  Hardy to -40F (-40C);  height: 30ft.
#A2402A      Bulk seed, 1oz (avg. 6500 seeds)      $15.00
viburnum nudum  winterthur plant
Viburnum nudum 'Winterthur'
Winterthur Viburnum
Viburnum nudum 'Winterthur'
Thick shiny green leaves turns wine red in fall.  White blooms mature to white berries, which turn pale pinkish red, then dark blue.  Spreading compact shrub.  Hardy to -20F (-28.8C);  height: 6ft.
#AP4495B    1yr seedlings, bundl of 10     $80.00
viburnum opulus european cranberry seed
Viburnum opulus
European Cranberry Bush (Guelder Rose, High Bush Carnberry)  
Viburnum opulus
Shrub with clusters of white blooms in the srping, followed by drupes of edible red berries.  These are sour, but are frequently used to make teas, jams & jellies.  The bark has been used for hundreds of years as an antispasmodic and used to treat muscle cramps associated with ovarian and uterine pain.  Hardy  to -40F (-40C);  height: 15ft.
#A2404B       Bulk seed, 1oz (avg. 6500 seed)     $15.00
Viburnum opulus
European Cranberry
#AP2402B    1yr seedlings, bundle of 10     $60.00
viburnum plicatum popcorn plant
Viburnum plicatum 'Popcorn'
Popcorn Viburnum
Viburnum plic. 'Popcorn'
Huge clusters of blooms form large balls and resemble snowballs.  Foliage is small and leathery, turning burgundy in the fall.  Compact rounded shrub makes a great foundation, hedge, or specimen plant.  Hardy to 20F (-28.8C); height: 8ft.
#AP3223B   12in. seedlings, bundle of 10    $80.00
viburnum plicatum shasta plant
Viburnum plicatum 'Shasta'
Shasta Viburnum
Viburnum plicatum 'Shasta'
Huge flower clusters measure up to 6" across.  Rounded growth makes a great border or specimen plant.  Hardy to -20F (-28.8C);  height: 6ft.
#AP4496B    1yr seedlings, bundle of 10    $80.00
viburnum prunifolia seed
Viburnum prunifolium
Viburnum prunifolium
North American native with green foliage and clusters of white bloom, maturing to blue-black berries.  Good wildlife planting, hedge or border.  Fall foliage is wine red.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C);  height: 15ft.
#A2405A    Bulk seed, 1oz (avg. 6500 seeds)      $15.00
viburnum trilobum american cranberry seed
Viburnum trlobum
American Cranberry
Viburnum trilobum
Native North American variety with rather coarse green leaves and creamy white bloom clusters, followed by bright red fruits which cling on through the winter.  Excellent food for wildlife and a lovely plant for borders or foundation planting.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C);  height: 12ft.
#A3335A    Bulk seed, 1oz (avg. 6500 seeds)      $15.00

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