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Please peruse our entire website. Product and Price information is found using the links at the bottom of this page; our terms of sale and polices are also found using the links at the bottom of this page. Also read FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for answers to your questions.  We are an agricultural business with seasonal changes in our manpower as well as the demand for our service.  If we are in our busy season and you are asking questions to which the answer is published here, you may not receive a response.  If you have read these pages and still have questions that will affect your purchase decision, we will do our best to respond to you in a timely maner, but please realize that in some seasons we are very busy.  Our stock is limited and our time is limited.  Our priority is given to providing service to the customers who have placed orders.  If you have missed the opportunity to get the information that you need from us for your pre-season planning, please consider using us next time and remember to place your orders as early as possible.  Thanks.

Returning customers, and Customers with orders currently in the house, should be sure to use the same return email address that was used through PayPal when orders were placed; this is how we prioritize our email.

For shipping and handling cost information, the catalog page where you found the product may contain this if you scroll, or you can go ahead and place items on your shopping cart, you will see the total charges.  Any item can be put on the cart and then removed, just to see this quote.  This price is good for most destinations worldwide.  Otherwise email to:

To check availability of seasonal plants and for existing orders shipping schedule and tracking:
shipping@whiteriversource.com  (put your PayPal order # in subject heading)

For all other inquiries and comments:

send to Customer Service at White River Source:  service@whiteriversource.com

Trouble contacting us? See: email Help

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White River Source
  P. O. Box 143
Winchester, IN  47394

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