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rosa arkansana prairie arkansas rose seed
Rosa arkansana
Prairie Rose (Arkansas Rose)
Rosa arkansana
A small shrub rose spreading underground by rhizomes, this species is native to much of the US.  Blooms are pink and are followed by red hips, which are used to make teas, syrups and jams and are rich in vitamin A,C and E and flavanoids.  The roots have been used to treat bleeding and eye complaints.  The plants are very adaptable and grow well in a wide variety of soil types and light levels.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C);  height: 18in.
#A2287    Bulk seed, 4oz    (Avg 5,000 seeds)   $60.00    
rosa canina dog rose seeds
Rosa canina
Dog Rose
Rosa canina
Long arching branches with pale pink blooms followed by small scarlet hips.  Makes a good hedge planting.  Hardy to -40F (-40C);  height: 3-10ft.
#A2290B      Bulk seed, 4 oz  (Avg 5,000 seeds)    $10.00
rosa hugonis father hugo rose seed
Rosa hugonis
Chinese Rose (Father Hugo Rose)
Rosa hugonis
Large shrub with graceful arching branches  and yellow blossoms about 2in. in diameter.  Good species for hedges, dappled shade under other trees and borders.  Hardy to -20F (-28.8C);  height: 9ft.
#A2297B     Bulk seed, 4oz  (Avg. 5,000 seeds)   $36.00
rosa primula rose seed
Rosa primula
Incense Rose
Rosa primula
Very early flowering with dark red stems and creamy single yellow blooms.  Foliage is very aromatic.  Hardy to -20F (-28.8C)
#A4473B    Bulk seed, 4oz   (Avg. 5,000 seeds)   $36.00
rosa rugosa pink rose seed
Rosa rugosa, Pink
Pink Rugosa Rose
Rosa rugosa
One of the hardiest of the roses with pink blooms followed by large hips.  The formidable thorns make it a good hedge planting.  Hardy to -50F (-45C);  height: 6ft.
#A2310B    Bulk seed, 4oz  (Avg. 5,000 seeds)     $17.00
rosa rugosa red rose seed
Rosa rugosa, Red 
Red Rugosa Rose (Japanese Brier Rose)
Rosa rugosa
Thorny stems form a thick tangle.  Red or purple-red blooms are followed by large tomato-shaped hips.  Hardy to -50F (-45C);  height: 6ft.
#A2312B    Bulk seed, 4oz   (Avg. 5,000 seeds)    $36.00

rosa rugosa alba white rose seed
Rosa rugosa, White
White Rugosa Rose
Rosa rugosa
Heavily thorned shrub with single white booms, followed by large hips.    Hardy to -50F (-45C);  height: 6ft
#A2311B   Bulk seed, 4oz   (Avg. 5,000 seeds)     $38.00
rosa virginiana virginia rose seed
Rosa virginiana
Cape Cod Rose (Virginia Rose)
Rosa virginiana
Forms a close mass of upright stems with glossy green leaves and pink blooms.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C);  height: 6ft
#A4474B   Bulk seed, 4oz   (Avg. 5,000 seeds)   $48.00
rosa wichuraiana memorial rose seed
Rosa wichuraiana
Memorial Rose
Rosa wichuraiana
Long slender shoots of this shrub will naturally assume a prostrate habit, reaching a length of 8ft.  Excellent for covering banks or walls, this species is the parent of many of the hybrid rambler roses of today.  Hardy to -40F (-45C);  height: 8ft. (trailing)
#A2315B    Bulk seed, 4oz (Avg. 5,000 seeds)    $55.00
rosa woodsii western wild rose seed
Rosa woodsii
Mountain Rose
Rosa woodsii
Native to the eastern US and Canada, this pretty rose has small fragrant pink blooms and blue-green foliage.  It has an upright,  rounded growth habit, and does not become invasive, so makes a good variety for wildflower gardens.  In the autumn, bright red hips appear, and the foliage turns golden yellow.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C);   height: 3ft.
#A2316B    Bulk seed, 4oz (Avg. 5,000 seeds)       $28.00

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