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carpinus betulus european hornbeam tree seed #A874
Carpinus betulus
European  Hornbeam (European Ironwood)
Rounded upright growth habit, a short trunk and medium shade cast. with pendulous yellow flowers in the spring and a gorgeous yellow fall color and nutlike fruits.  A good windbreak or screen tree, hornbeams prefer an open sunny location and moist loamy soil, though they are very tolerant and will do well nearly anywhere.  Hardy to -30F (-39.9C); height: 45ft.

#A874  Packet   $8.00,   Approximately 100 seeds

carpinus carolinia american hornbeam tree seed
Carpinus caroliniana
American Hornbeam (American Ironwood, Blue Beech)
Rounded growth habit and medium shade cast with delicately shaped leaves that turn a beauiful yellow in fall. Spring brings pendulous yellow flowers that develop into nutlike seeds.  Hardy to -30F (-39.9C); height: 45ft.
#A875     Packet  $15.00,  Approximately 100 seeds 

Carpinus caroliniana
 American Hornbeam

#A875C       Bulk seed,  1lb    $60.00

carpinus cordata heartleaf hornbeam tree seed
Carpinus cordata
Heartleaf Hornbeam
Rounded tree with heart shaped leaves.  Gold fall coloring.  Good shade or specimen tree.  Hardy to
-30F (-39.9C);  height: 50ft.

#A1708   Packet   $12.00,  Approximately 100 seeds

carpinus koreana korean hornbeam tree seed
Carpinus koreana
Korean Hornbeam
Natural dwarf variety used most often for bonsai.  Bright green oval leaves and rounded growth habit.  Hardy to -30F (-39.9C);  height: 45ft.

#A4381   Packet  $ 90.00, Approximately 100 seeds

carpinus orientalis oriental hornbeam tree seed
Carpinus orientalis
Oriental Hornbeam (Eastern Hornbeam)
Conical growth habit with dense branching and bright green oval leaves.  Wonderful shade, street, or specimen tree.  Hardy to -20F (-28.8C);  height: 45 ft.

#A1710    Packet    $14.00,  Approximately 100 seeds

carpinus polyneura chinese hornbeam tree seed
Carpinus polyneura
Chinese Hornbeam
A variation on other hornbeams, this variety has oval, slightly serrated leaves that vary in color from green to purple.  Very ornamental, this is a tough customer, withstanding heat and poor soils.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C);  height: 40ft.

#A4382     Packet   $18.00,   Approximately  100 seeds

carpinus turczaninowii korean hornbeam tree seed
Carpinus turczaninowii
Turkish Hornbeam
Variety most often used as bonsai.  Natural dwarf habit, rounded leaves.  Makes a good  shade tree outdoors.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C);  height: 40ft.

#A1711   Packet    $15.00,  Approximately 100 seeds

carpinus vininea himalayan hornbeam tree seed
Carpinus viminea
Himalayan Hornbeam
Rounded growth habit and oval serrated leaves.  Good shade or specimen tree.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C);  height: 50ft.

#A4383     Packet   $15.00,  Approximately 100 seed

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