Actinidia (Kiwi)

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hardy kiwi actinidia arguta seeds seedling tree vine
Actinidia arguta
Manchurian Kiwi  (Tara Vine)
A deciduous climbing vine that produces edible fruits.  The vine is often tapped in the spring for its sap, which is processed and used like maple syrup.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C); height: 45ft.
#A1599   Packet  $39.00,  Approximately 50 seeds
chinese kiwi actinidia chinensis seeds seedling tree
Actinidia chinensis
Chinese Gooseberry
Deciduous climbing vine producing fruits which are high in vitamin C.  Hardy to 10F (-17/7C);  height: 25ft.
#A3934    Packet   $17.00  Approximately 50 seeds

japanese kiwi actinidia kolomitka seeds seedling tree cvine
Actinidia kolomitka
Japanese Kiwi (Variegated Kiwi)
Climbing vine producing edible fruits.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C); height:30ft.
#A3935   Packet   $20.00  Approximately 50 seeds
Actinidia kolomitka
Japanese Kiwi (Variegated Kiwi) #A3935B   Bulk seed, 4oz   $65.00  

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