Acacia (Gum)

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babul tree acacia arabica seeds seedling tree
Acacia arabica
Babul Tree
Wide spreading tree with fine fern-like leaves on an open branched graceful tree.  The sap of the tree is used to treat a number of ailments including cuts and wounds.  Hardy to 10F (-12.2C);   height: 40ft.
#A4315     Packet  of Approximately 100 seeds      $10.00

Acacia arabica

#A4315B     Bulk seed 4oz       $14.50

black wattle acacia decurrens seeds seedling tree
Acacia decurrens
 Black Wattle, Green Wattle
Native to Australia and New South Wales, this acacia forms a medium sized tree with fern-like leaves.  The sap is used as a substitute for gum arabic and the bark is astringent.  Hardy to 10F (-17.7C);  height: 40ft.
#A4317    Packet  $14.00,  Approximately 100 seeds
Blackwood acacia melanoxylon seeds seedling tree
Acacia melanoxylon
The scented flowers of this Australian native are used in cooking and the hard finely grained wood is often used to make furniture.  Hardy to 20F (-12.2C); height: 90ft.
#A1554    Packet   $10.00,  Approximately 100 seeds

Blue Leaf Wattle acacia saligna seeds seedling tree
Acacia saligna
Blue Leaf Wattle, Orange Wattle
Extremely rugged tree, well adapted to barren slopes and rocky, non-productive ground.  Fast growing, it can reach a height of  30ft.  Native to southwestern Australia, it is adaptable to a wide range of soils.  Hardy to 20F (-6.6C ); height: 30ft
#A3403  Packet    $10.00  Approximately 100 seeds

paperbark thorn acacia sieberiana seeds seedling tree
Acacia sieberiana
Paperbark Thorn
Flat topped acacia with fern-like leaves with thorns at the base and fine yellow hairs on leaves and branches.  The seed pods are often used as livestock feed.  Blooms are creamy white.   Hardy to 20F (-12.2C); height: 90ft.
#A1554    Packet   $20.00,  Approximately 500 seeds

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